A Promising crypto startup Node.sys creates a decentralized IOT factory

Nov 27, 2023
From 2022 Node.sys engaged in the development of hardware solutions for blockchain. The company creates unique hardware solutions at the interface of low-level software with subsequent integration into chips and custom products.

The main hardware product of Node.sys is a node, a compact mobile server with the ability to work offline and store in a limited space.

According to the CEO Node.sys Andrey Khamichonak, the team’s expertise in the hardware solutions allowed us to see global issues of the market for the production of prototypes and new products of IOT and microelectronics.

“Our mission is to create a platform for a decentralized self-replicating universal Internet of Things,” Khamichonak said in an interview for the media.

The decentralized factory will unite customers and manufacturers from all over the world, who will be given the opportunity to make transactions in cryptocurrencies. It will be possible for customers to create a chain of contractors to fulfill a single order. At the same time, any person with certain skills and experience can be a manufacturer.

The launch of the decentralized IOT platform is scheduled for 2024.