What is crypto airdrop

Sep 14, 2022
Airdrop in crypto is a marketing strategy of startups to transfer tokens to active users on a free basis or in exchange for simple marketing activity.

For the vast majority of cryptocurrency market players, the most important thing is to make a profit on their investments. Due to the volatility of the market, achieving profitable indicators is difficult and not always fast. In this regard, airdrop is a simple way to get additional profit, sometimes even for free. New crypto airdrops appear almost daily and by default look very attractive, but even here you can face a number of difficulties and problems.

There are several ways to get airdrop tokens. Crypto projects themselves determine the volume of airdrop tokens for potential recipients who meet the qualification requirements. The right to receive appears only upon completion of tasks. After completing tasks and winning, tokens are credited to the user’s wallet.

The first airdrop in cryptocurrency took place in 2014, during which the authors of the project distributed more than half of all tokens. In total, more than a hundred airdrops have been held in recent years, including leading crypto projects.

For example, the Auroracoin crypto project has its own AUR token. At the start of the project, it was conceived as a transformation of AUR into the national cryptocurrency of Iceland. The entire amount from the airdrop AUR went to the citizens of Iceland, who received 31.8 AUR per person.

In 2016 and 2017, airdrops of well-known Stellar Lumens and Bitcoin Cash projects were carried out with the distribution of tokens to Bitcoin owners. The Bitcoin Cash project gave one token for owning one Bitcoin, and the peak value of the Bitcoin Cash token at the moment was fixed at $3,090.

One of the most famous airdrops in 2020 was the UniSwap project, in which UNI tokens were presented to users of the decentralized DEX crypto exchange. More than 250,000 users received 400 UNI in the equivalent of several thousand US dollars per account.