Solana price increased by 26% on last week

Oct 23, 2023
On Friday, Solana price grew up by 11% and became one of the most successful crypto assets this year with an increase of 170%.

Over the past week SOL has grown by more than 26%. At the same time, the leaders of the BTC and ETH crypto market grew up only by 10% and 6%.

Former managing director of Binance Labs, David Shuttleworth, said that Solana has demonstrated one of the highest buying activity since July of this year.

CoinShares CEO James Butterfill noted that SOL continues to strengthen its position in the market and is becoming one of the most popular altcoins at the moment.

Recall that the future of the coin was in question at the end of 2022 after reports of a possible sale of FTX tokens worth $1.6 billion.