LastPass users lost $4.4million in one day

Oct 31, 2023
According to ZachXBT, $4.4 million worth of digital assets were stolen from 25 LastPass users in one day on October 25 as a result of a hacker attack. The total amount of losses of all time is more than $35 million.

LastPass is a platform that stores and encrypts password information for users. Last year, its cloud storage service was hacked in an attack that included assaulting an employee and stealing his credentials.

ZachXBT and MetaMask developer Taylor Monahan tracked at least 80 crypto wallets that were compromised as a result of a hacker attack.

According to Monahan, funds were stolen from the Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Arbitrum, Solana and Polygon blockchains.

Cryptocurrency wallets often become targets of hacker attacks, since obtaining a private key gives a hacker full access to funds. Recall that only in July of this year, as a result of a series of hacks and exploits, more than $300 million worth of funds were stolen from cryptocurrency users.