Aave Lens has released a large-scale Polygon update

Nov 14, 2023
De-Fi social network Aave Lens Protocol has launched a V2 update for the Polygon network with many new monetization features, including a multi-signature profile and smart publication tips.

Lens is among the few blockchain-focused startups willing to benefit from the disadvantages of Web2 social networks run by large centralized companies Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).

According to Aave founder Stani Kulekhov, V1’s main goal is to launch early Web3 social networks in order to get tools for new discoveries and experiments. Lens V2 is moving towards a more modular design, giving users flexibility and autonomy in working with social networks.

The update introduces functions such as Profile Manager for managing profiles by one or more persons, multi–signatures, Handles – to create a single level of identification. Added the functions “Pay to read the rest”, “Smart publications”.

Recall that the Lens project was presented back in February 2022 and attracted $15 million from investors.