Chainlink launches LINK Stacking V0.2

Nov 29, 2023
Chainlink platform has announced the launch of the latest update with a built-in mechanism of Chainlink Staking protocol v0.2. The update is a significant step forward that offers enhanced features and more opportunities for the Chainlink community.

According to the press release, the stacking version V0.2 has an expanded pool with a size of 45 million LINK. This is 8% of the current token circulating supply. Thus, Chainlink plans to make stacking available to more LINK token holders.

The expansion is part of the Chainlink Economics 2.0 plan for an additional layer of network security. In addition, the stacking platform allows ecosystem participants to maintain the performance of oracle services using LINK stacking and receive rewards for helping to protect the network.

The update will take place in stages: early access will begin on December 7, and general access from December 11.